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The Literate Loser #25

Another long, unintentional hiatus comes to an end as we finally pick Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio back up in the third chapter. Not too much personal stuff from the Literate Loser, but three reviews instead: one each of a film, a novel, and an album.

00:00 — 01:17 Hi!
01:17 — 03:46 Where I’ve been
03:46 — 13:10 Winesburg, Ohio: “Paper Pills”
13:10 — 13:39 Winesburg discussion
13:39 — 16:24 Lemony Snicket
16:24 — 21:30 Kristin Chenoweth
21:30 — 25:26 Adventureland
25:26 — 26:51 Nano Nano
26:51 — 27:14 Facebooking
27:14 — 28:55 Bye!

I’m finally trying out the podPress plugin. It works okay, but I’m going to have to play with the aesthetics, just as I will for the rest of this site, including updating the old links. Stick with me!

Here’s the video of Kristin Chenoweth singing “Taylor, the Latte Boy” on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


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The Literate Loser #24

The near-completion of my graduate thesis means a return to Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio. There’s also time enough for a thesis update, a summary of the eHarmony situation, reflections on approaching 40, and a review of Swing Vote, the new Kevin Costner film.

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