The Literate Loser, Show 1

I take the plunge with chapter 1 of Mark Twain’s Puddin’Head Wilson and a quickie review of the long-out-of-print Harvey the Beer Can King. I find it useful when people index their podcasts, so I’ll do it too:

  • 0:00 — Hello. What’s this?
  • 2:00 — On reading aloud.
  • 4:40 — About the selection
  • 9:17 — Puddin’Head Wilson, Chapter 1
  • 20:00 — Harvey the Beer Can King
  • 25:00 — Harry Potter, grad school, and being a loser

download here

Jamie Gilson, author of Harvey the Beer Can King.
Get Puddin’Head Wilson at Project Gutenberg.

5 thoughts on “The Literate Loser, Show 1”

  1. Great debut, Mitchell. Five parts literature, one part loser (but in a good way!). You come through loud and clear, speak well, and… well, basically sound just like the Mitchell we all know and love. Can’t wait for more!

  2. I loved it! It’s so – YOU. Thank you for making my morning. Your teacher side comes out during your reading. Very cool first show! How often are you planning on updating?

  3. Kudos! I look forward to hearing more. Also, you were right about needing to adjust to being read to.

  4. Puddin’ Head Wilson! What a great pick. Just so you know, I’m in it for the Twain. You know what I think of JK and, yes, I read the first book. Also, I’m cool with you being a loser. It’s much more interesting than listening to a winner. Heh.

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