The Literate Loser, Show 2

On the night of the most significant literary event in two years, Twain turns on the sarcasm and I turn on the Harry Potter fanaticism. A quick review of Bob Scher’s The Little Know-How Book (along with a short excerpt) leave not so much time for the loser talk.

  • 00:00 — Tuning up
  • 01:00 — Critique
  • 04:02 — Recap and vocab
  • 06:58 — Pudd’nhead Wilson, Chapter 2
  • 22:23 — Correct spelling
  • 23:03 — Harry Potter
  • 25:33 — The Little Know-How Book
  • 30:08 — Transcript trouble, housecleaning, and Maggie Gyllenhaal

download here (33:18 total time; 15.615 megs)

Bob Scher, the author of The Little Know-How Book.
Roger Ebert’s review of the new Maggie Gyllenhaal movie, Happy Endings.

One thought on “The Literate Loser, Show 2”

  1. That’s very nice of both of you! The sprinkler-sounding thing is my aquarium. I set the computer up right next to it, thinking at first that I would include my goldfish Gilligan in the show (because what could be more loser-like than that?), but decided the strength of the literature didn’t need that kind of thing. Oh, the sprinkler-sounding thing might also be my ceiling fan, which gets a little noisy sometimes.

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