The Literate Loser #21: Microphone Problems

I had high hopes for this installment of the Literate Loser, but didn’t discover until I was pretty much done that I’d had problems with the USB microphone, and so I had to use the onboard microphone, which isn’t nearly as good. There’s quite a bit of noise here, but hopefully you can fight through that distraction and find something worthwhile here! I worked really hard on the copy, too! Arrrrrr.

We hit the second-to-last chapter of Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson, and Wilson finally figures out what we’ve known since early on. Then I give a little update on my Masters thesis. Finally, I submit my Desert Island Ten, inspired by the lists offered at another podcast.

00:00 — 01:03 Hi!
01:03 — 20:18 Mark Twain’s Pudd’nhead Wilson, chapter 20!
20:18 — 24:08 Thesis Pieces!
24:08 — 33:31 My Desert Island Ten, in response to the Just One More Book! podcast!
33:31 — 35:13 Wrap-up!

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