I mistitled the .mp3 file. That nine key is so darned close to that zero key!

I’m curious. How does iTunes (or whatever you’re managing your subscriptions through) handle it when there’s a bad link like that? It won’t see the enclosure, so I guess it doesn’t know the cast has been updated.

The Literate Loser, Show #15

Forgive the less-than-crystal-clear sound on this one: I recorded it while sitting at a picnic table beneath God’s great sky. In this week’s installment of Puddn’head Wilson, Tom and Roxy come up with a plan to ensure Tom’s reformation while the bullets fly left and right. I finally return to the online dating service questionnaire for a bit and that’s about it!

Because of a recent problem with my laptop (it got stolen!), I am temporarily changing my theme music, too.

00:00 — 03:06 Hello!
03:06 — 24:30 Mark Twain’s Puddn’head Wilson, Chapter 14
24:30 — 40:25 Online Dating Service questionnaire
40:25 — 42:40 Let’s wrap it up

contact me:
email mail [ a-t ] literateloser.net
vmail 206-350-8393

Download here (42:40, 58.6 mb)

The Literate Loser, Show #14

00:00 — 01:36 Hello!
01:36 — 18:47 Puddn’head Wilson, chapter 13
18:47 — 35:56 Book review: Miss Manners’ Guide for the Turn-of-the-Millennium by Judith Martin
35:56 — 41:18 Winners of the Call-Me-and-Tell-Me-What-You’re-Reading contest!
41:18 — 44:49 New contest!
44:49 — 46:25 See you next week (or thereabouts)!

Judith Martin, Fried Eggs with Chopsticks, and The Road Less Traveled at Powells.com.
Judith Martin, Fried Eggs with Chopsticks, and The Road Less Traveledat Amazon.com.

email me: mail [ a-t ] literateloser [ d-o-t ] net.
vmail me: 206-350-8393.

Download here (46:25, 53.1 mb)

The Literate Loser, Show #13

I don’t know which phrase I overuse more: “really” or “very, very.” I’m in a definite linguistic rut here, and will make an effort to be less annoying next time! Puddn’head Wilson is a short chapter this week, so I have time to babble about three great films you probably haven’t seen!

00:00 — 02:22 Hello! And no, I’m not talking about the teachers’ contract today!
02:22 — 15:52 Mark Twain’s Puddn’head Wilson, chapter 12.
15:52 — 39:45 Three Great Films You Probably Haven’t Seen.
39:45 — 44:15 The Life of the Loser.
44:15 — 46:32 Ta-ta!

email me: mail [ a-t ] literateloser [ d-o-t ] net.
vmail me: 206-350-8393.

The Man in the Moon at Amazon.com.
Nowhere in Africa at Amazon.com.
House of Sand and Fog at Amazon.com.

Download here (46:32, 53.3 mb)

The Literate Loser, Show #12

My crazy hectic life dictates that I wing this installment of the Literate Loser, and Mark Twain gets positively hilarious. If you normally skip the Literate part of this Loser of a podcast, I’d encourage you to reverse your strategy this time, as it is the Twain stuff that is entertaining!

00:00 — 02:54 Hello
02:54 — 32:07 Puddn’head Wilson, Chapter 11
32:07 — 46:44 Photography, teaching, and garlic fries
46:44 — 48:15 See you next time

Click here to download (55.2 mb).

Photo of myself, taken right after the recording:

Literate Loser, Show 11

Another hour-long loserfest! You can’t stop me; you can only hope not to be like me. We return to Mark Twain’s Puddn’head Wilson, I read a bunch of poems, the winner of one of last week’s contests is announced, and I continue the online dating service’s questionnaire. Comments, calls, and mail welcome!

00:00 — 01:22 Hi, etc.
01:22 — 15:23 Puddn’head Wilson, Chapter 10
15:23 — 37:06 National Poetry Month: Hughes, Harjo, Shakespeare, and Olds
37:07 — 41:50 Contest winner and Kurt Vonnegut
41:50 — 60:00 Online dating service questionnaire
60:00 — 63:25 Outro

email me: loser [ a-t ] mitchellkdwyer [ d-o-t ] net.
vmail me: 206-350-8393

Kurt Vonnegut, Ted Hughes, William Shakespeare, Joy Harjo, and Sharon Olds at Powells.com.
Kurt Vonnegut, Ted Hughes, Joy Harjo, William Shakespeare, and Sharon Olds at Amazon.com.

Download here. It’s 72.6 mb, but at least it’s not the .WAV file, which was 690 mb!

Picture of me, taken this evening:

The Literate Loser, Show 10: Return of the Loser

I’m back.

0:00 – 7:15 Welcoming myself back
7:15 – 17:15 Summarizing Pudd’nhead Wilson, Chapters 1 through 9
17:15 – 30:15 Book review: Frank McCourt’s Teacher Man
30:15 – 44:22 eHarmony.com survey, continued
44:22 – 51:31 I babble about my life
51:31 – 60:00 Two contests and let’s do this again

email me: loser [ a-t ] mitchellkdwyer [ d-o-t ] net.
vmail me: 206-350-8393

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt at Powells.com
Teacher Man by Frank McCourt at Amazon.com
Intellect Connect, the online dating service.
My sudoku puzzles (not updated in ages).
This week’s puzzle at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin.

Download here. Sorry! It’s 68.7 mb; I forgot to change the settings in my audio recorder and nothing I tried could fix the problem after I’d recorded. I’ll get it right next time.

Interlude, Continued (ends Friday!)

Sorry. I got sick.

I’m good now. New installment Friday, with the next one to follow probably later the same weekend.

A Little Interlude (ends Friday)

Hey. Sorry. Grad school.

For those of you still interested, I’ll post the next chapter Friday, and possibly the following chapter later in the weekend. I actually have the next chapter recorded — and some stuff about how great NaNoWriMo is going to be (recorded it November 1), but never finished recording it and, well. You know.

See you Friday night.

The Literate Loser, Show 9

Pudd’nhead Wilson takes something of a dark turn in this ninth chapter. I review a novel by Piers Anthony and then offer lists of things that suck and things that rock.

I’ve got this indexed, but I left it at work, so I’ll post the index later.

Click here for the cast. 13.6 mb, about 29:46 in duration.

Public domain works read aloud in bite-sized pieces.